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Mod "Interwars weapons pack" version 01.12.18 for Ravenfield (Build 12)

This is a series of weapons that were mainly used between WW1 and WW2.I made it because i though this period of history is mostly mising from the workshop,so i hope you enjoy it :)


-MP28->German SMG based on the MP18.It was used by a lot of countries (also during the Spanish Civil war).Mainly useful in close quarters.

-Beretta M381->Italian SMG that's actually more of a battle rifle chambered in 9mm.Semi automatic and automatic variants (in real life,it has two triggers instead of a fire mode selector).Good for up to medium distances.

-Savage Arms M720->A lookalike of the Remington .15 with a simpler system (the barrel is fixed).Use for CQC.

-Fedorov Avtomat->Actually from 1913,it was used mainly after WW1 and in WW2,so i though i'd fit here.It's basically a battle rifle that fires slow and has good range.

-MG15->German MG that was designed to be used in planes.This is the ground version,with stock and barrel cover.Fires very fast and it's easy to control.

-Vz.24->Czechoslovakian copy of the Gewehr 98 that has some minor improvements.It was one of the most exported guns of the interwars period,ending in Brazilian rebels,Chinese soldiers,Spanish militias,and much more.

-Kb.Wz. 35->Polish AT rifle,famous because it was the main AT weapon for Polish cavalry.It was actually useful against German light tanks during the invasion of Poland.

-MAS Modele 1935->French sidearm used mainly by officers,it wasn't very common in WW2.

+Sight system:The MAS 1935 and the Kb Wz useJoes system for aiming,meaning that just clicking to aim will be one animation (fast aim for the MAS,normal aim for the Kb),and aiming while keeping shift pressed will be a second animation (normal aim for the MAS,bipod for the Kb)


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