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Map "Project Altirus: East Leersog" version 02.03.19 for Ravenfield (Build 13)

Map Type: Operation
Recommended bots: 150-200, or as many as possible
Recommended weapons: Project Altirus: The Second Leersog War pack; vanilla medic/ammo bags, wrench, saber

Despite destruction of bridges along the river Diska, elements of the Syrvanian Southern Army Front have managed to cross the river at multiple key points: Most crucially, just south of the town of Labwun. Here, Third Armored Division has commenced operations to seize the town, granting a foothold on the Diska's east bank, and allowing engineers to rebuild the bridge there. With the Southern Front granted such access, the war would officialy cross the eastern frontier of Leersog, and threaten Hetland's capital provinces.

Seizure of Labwun itself has fallen to motorized and amphibious troops. Their main objective is to secure Victory Hall - the town's administration building - and other nearby objectives, or to exhaust the town's garrison through attritional action outside. Meanwhile, further east, armored and mechanized forces push north to capture neighboring towns and roads, in order to deny supplies into Labwun.

As Labwun's garrison braces to fend off the coming assault, mechanized units have arrived by rail, hoping to stem their Syrvanin counterparts east of town, as well as to aid in defense of the town itself. With the transfer of air assets from the Royal Flying Service to the Home Army underway, AF-3 fighters and Vespyr Dothen light bombers have been made available, in order to counter Syrvania's own air forces.

More than a hundred years ago, the outcome of the first Leersog war was decided here, with the routing of Syrvania's army back across the Diska. Now, along the banks of that same river, swolen in the dreary late Autumn rain, the fate of both nations may once more rest in the hands of their fighting men.

This is my first (in my opinion) successful attempt at a truly large-scale, combined arms map. After spending a good long while in the works, since having to scrap my last attempt, I hope you enjoy it as well. This map also comes with three weather variants: Rain (default), snow, and sunny, as well as configurable editions (also come in weather variants)


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roblox! great map, maybe a bit optimazation?
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