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Map "(PA - 2LW) Raid on Castle Dazhik" version 17.11.18 for Ravenfield (Build 11)

Map Type: Skirmish
Recommended bots: 50
Recommended weapons: Project Altirus: The Second Leersog War pack

With Syrvania's advance beginning to slow in the south, and impeded by weather in the north, the Hettic Home Army could now begin regrouping for a full counter-offensive at the eastern frontier of the Leersog region. This was made possible by the Hettic Royal Flying Service, which had conducted a string of decisive aerial incursions against Syrvanian logistics and command elements. In turn, these operations were thanks to the Air Service Information Bureau, which managed to exploit the organizational weaknesses of the Syrvanian Army Air Corps and elude their own intelligence efforts. In order to effectively orchestrate the most critical componant of Hetland's defense, these two organizations made their home within an unassuming ruin in the mountains. Here, they were secluded from the fighting, yet able to observe the war from a remote vantage point: Castle Dazhik.

Throughout most of the war, Syrvanian intelligence had believed a ruse that Castle Dazhik was a fake, and the signals from its location were an attempt to draw valuable assets from the front to some distant mound of rubble. However, when "suspiciously high-quality rations" were recovered from a truck ambushed along a hidden mountain road, Syrvania's Office of Civil Interest began an investigation. What it found were a network of such trails, well-concealed by foliage and harsh terrain, all leading to the castle. Chances are, the Hetts weren't sending wine from the King's own cellars to a decoy.

Further probing tore away the Air Service Informatoin Bureau's carefully-constructed veneer, revealing the castle to be the beating heart of Hetland's air forces. Any operations against it would need to be conducted with secrecy and subtlety, lest its high-profile occupants catch on and decide to vacate. For that purpose, as well as difficult terrain, forces of the Northern Front marched right past it, save for a small, unnoticed group of Army Pathfinders.

Over the course of two nights, they would scout the area for ideal landing zones. Following them would be paratroopers of Syrvania's 1st Special Insertion Group, in what would be the most ambitious airborne operation of the war.

Another sort of "intermission" map while I tend to bigger stuff and also sort out standalones and whatnot. This one is meant to sort of be in the same spirit as Temple or whathaveyou, being a somewhat symmetrical infantry-focused map, with the sole vehicle being a tankette. Also, made it so blue team spawns as paratroopers from their main capture point every five minutes, as well as at the start.

This map includes a configurable version, which allows you to replace skins and turrets/vehicles.


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