Siege Of Shanghai
Welcome to Shanghai! THIS IS NOT ACTUALLY A MAP BASED ON BF4.But you can consider it as another warzone of the siege of shanghai in BF4 However this map shows the part of shanghai which is never shown in Battlefield,Pudong and the Bund.And this map
Armor Field
A bomber has crashed in a remote field carrying vital Raven intel. Eagle and Raven forces converge in a race to be the first to secure the crash site.
Rice Valley
Vietnam themed map. The map consists of some rice fields and an urban area. 100-120 bots seems balanced/okay, mess around and see what u like best. If u like the map please rate and/or leave a comment! Criticism is also welcome. Thanks and enjoy!
Crystaline Cavern
These Crystals contains strange and mystical powers, don't let the enemy have them ! But be careful, Your enemy won't let you take these crystals so easily ! Hey guys this is my fifth map, this is basically a cave with a river at the middle
battlefield 1
map of the battlefield 1 dirt, explosions, fire, bugs, lags everything you love special thanks to: VEL
Lockout [Halo Project]
Introducing what is considered among Halo fans as one of the best maps of all time, now in Ravenfield. Use CQC weapon in the low levels or take to the high ground with a sniper and pick off those fools who show their face. Use low bot counts.
Concrete Jungle
An urban ghost town ever since a deadly bio-weapon was unleashed on the population, the usually silent streets echo with the sounds of gunfire and explosions as an Eagle special forces group attempt to recover the evidence of thier involvement in
D-Day: Airborne Paratroops Night and Morning Versions
Parachutes are here and it is time for a map like this to finally happen. This map takes you on a little immersive ride at midnight, the sounds of planes flying overhead and German flak fire, both heard and seen in the distance, dropping in with
The training destination of your Ravens’/ Eagles’ dreams; Meteorite Isle Training Camp. This battleground is a crescent shaped tropical island formed as a result of a meteor crashing into a hollow, dead volcano somewhere Pacific-ish Ocean.
Gobi Desert
Enjoy a town right in the middle of the Gobi Desert. This map is created by one of my friend who has issue of uploading it. So I helped him make some changes and uploaded it.
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