WELCOME TO THE DESERT MOUNTAINS You will be presented with 3 points -- Abandoned airport -- Radar -- Warehouse You will present military battles on the ground and in the air
WWII Winter Assualt
As the Allies push closer to the heartland of Germany, the Germans are in no position of giving up. You liberated France but only will you face the true horrors of war but striking the heart of the Third Reich's war machine. This new map features -
WWII French Town CQC
This is the second release of my WWII French Town CQC. Improvements are in map size and detail while the AI pathfinding is still an issue, hopefully it will be resolved by the Beta release which will also expand the size of the map and add more
Baptism of Fire: A Falcon Faction Map
Instead of starting with a story, i'm going to talk about the development of this map, story will be after. To be honest, this has been develpment hell. I did start this with high hopes, and going round the map its kind of clear where i started with
Battle for the Kaupcisto Battleship
"Woooooah, Flaum made a map? WTF." Yes, I did and its my first attempt at one too. What's Kaupcisto? Kaupcisto is a fantasy country of mine in a fantasy worst (A splinter of GoC), which takes place in a 1940's setting.
Siege Of Shanghai Remastered
Based on Battlefield 4 this time! Hello guys!!Since my last siege of shanghai map I have heard a lot that you guys want an absorlutely bf4 shanghai map.So I make one!!!As ai in ravenfield doesnt fit this sort of map very well,I add some new points
Carrier battle
WIP VERSION (Will be deleted when the full map comes out) If you want to help us improve our mods / suggest and give ideas / test upcoming mods / talk with Ravenfield's talented modders, join our Discord! ------------->
Battle of Eya Nad
Raven and Eagle face off on the resource-rich island of Eya Nad. Who will be victorious? Long sight lines with hilly terrain ideal for tank combat, plus plenty of air activity and close combat around atmospheric capture points. Desert, sea, and
Sinai Desert in Battlefield 1
THE LIGHT AND SHADOW IS WHAT I REALLY WANT TO SHOW YOU GUYS This is a tiny version of Battlefield 1 Sinai. This map was made when I felt boring.So actually all the assets from assets store.I am just trying to improve the light and shadow.Although
One of the most played maps in the history of Counter-Strike. My goals is to adjust classical Dust2 layout for Ravenfield's gameplay. Main changes are as follows: * Ravenfield-ish look; * Complementation of said layout with spaces for safe
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