FN SCAR | Urban Warfare Phoenix
The Belgium Service Rifle the FN SCAR completly customizable and modifyable to your needs including lesser known ammo conversions and attachments.
The Arsonist's Starter Kit v2 (Incendiary Weapons)
Ever been faced with the age-old dilemma of needing to set someone on fire, but they're all the way over there? Well, here's the solution: Get psychiatric help. Or, pick up the Arsonist's Starter Kit! Includes the ever-dependable flamethrower, the
XM109 | Urban Warfare Phoenix
Get the joy of the anti-tank marksman by using the XM109 Precision Rifle, chambered in 25x59mm and also 12.7x99mm. It's capeable of blasting light to medium armor up to 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles for wetard unit users). Attachments Barrels - Standart
Stalker PMm
Adds the PMm or Makarov from the Stalker series of games. This Soviet legacy is the most common pistol in the Zone and is one of the best compact self-defense handguns available. It is small, highly reliable, easy to use and maintain in working
MP5 | Urban Warfare Phoenix
The widely known MP5 SMG completly customizable to your needs, including ammo conversions. Attachments Barrels - Standart Issue Barrel - Mini CQB Barrel - A5 SD Barrel - A6 SD Barrel Underbarrel - Vertical Grip - Stubby Grip - Sturdy Grip Magazines
Advanced AA
My first mod in a while, hope you guys like it!
POLYGON - Weapons
Pack weapons for Ravenfield. M16A2 AK47 M4-R AKS-R MPX AKS-74U M27 RPK M1014 M590 AWP/Iron R700/Iron M1911 M9 M17 G17 PMM KNIFE KUKRI AT4 RPG
P320 | Urban Warfare Phoenix
A trusty reliable pistol as a sidearm fully customizable to your operation of needs. Attachments Barrels Suppressor Slides M18 Slide M18 Hardened M17 Slide P320 Vented Magazines 17 Rounds 21 Rounds 31 Rounds 17 Rounds Hollow Point 10 Rounds .45 ACP
The AMR-2 anti-materiel / sniper rifle was developed by China South Industries Group. Apparently, it is one of several designs that are tested by PLA in search for a modern anti-materiel rifle. It is possible that this rifle will be also offered for
RPK 16
Developed since 2016 to replace the RPK 74 in Russian service, the RPK 16 is essentially the same weapon with the ergonomical advancements of the AK 12. STATS: Damage->40 (3 shots to the chest) Loaded ammo->95+1 VARIANTS: RPK 16 RPK 16 (Holo
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