[WW2 Collection] Bergmann M20
After WW1, Germany could not design or produce submachine guns due to the Versailles treaty. To keep producing them, German companies and designers exported the patents and tooling to other nations such as Switzerland. The M20 was a SIG produced
[WW2C + PGW] Ружье Model 10
The Remington Model 10 was one of the Pedersen shotguns for the commercial market. During WW1, a trench gun variant was created for the military, which featured essentially the same adaptations as the M1897 (bayonet lug, heat shield and shorter
L85A2: Phantom Armoury
The British small arms complex, developed in the mid-1980s and consisting of the L85 submachine gun, the L86 light (manual) machine gun, the L22 short submachine gun and the L98 training rifle. The complex is in service with the British Army.
AUG Para: Phantom Armoury
A small arms complex produced in 1977 by the Austrian company Steyr-Daimler-Puch. In Austria, the rifle is produced under license under the brand name F88. It has interchangeable barrels of different lengths: the main one is 508 mm, as well as
M1911: Phantom Armoury
M1911 - self - loading pistol chambered .45 ACP. Developed by John Moses Browning in 1908 (U.S. Patent 984519, February 14, 1911). The pistol was in service with officers and non-commissioned officers of all types of the armed forces, branches of
Raptor Weapon Pack
Raptor Company has been both a PMC faction and a prestigious arms dealer in the Ravenfield world. Includes 5 weapons: RAC68 Assault Rifle (3 sub variants included) RH1915-M SMG (3 sub variants included) RSR "Guardian" DMR (3 sub variants included)
Whitworth Rifle
The Whitworth rifle was an English-made percussion rifle used in the latter half of the 19th century. A single-shot muzzleloader with excellent long-range accuracy for its era, especially when used with a telescopic sight, the Whitworth rifle was
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7.62mm AA mini pack
In the future I may add more 7.62mm MG into this pack. Now only MAG and MG3 u can use them to shoot original planes.
German single machine gun. It is an improved version of the MG 42 machine gun.
[WW2 Collection] Wehrmacht Turret Pack
4 turrets: MG34 Lafette -> 250 rounds, scope / ironsights (3rd person view aim) Pak 38 -> APCR ammo, can be rotated by pressing A or D (only the player) Flak 36 37mm -> destructible shield, AA ammo Flak 37 88mm -> destructible shield,
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