M170 Double Barreled Shotgun Commission
Cool double barrel SPAS from the game Area 51. Also has dual wield version. Features a double shot firemode (Button is X).
[WW2 Collection] Wz38M
Designed in the early 30s for the Polish army semi-automatic rifle trials, the Wz38M began production in late 1938, with only ~100 rifles being made before the war started. There's a single eyewitness stating that the Germans used the few rifles
EM4 Cold War
Titanfall's EM4 Cold War brought to Ravenfield. The EM4 fires low velocity caseless explosives. To compensate for its low blast radius, it fires a barrage of four projectiles in quick succession after a short charging delay. It is most effective
This guns is a hunter shotgun from Russia.
Dual H&K SMG II / SMG2
H&K SMG II (or Smg2 to make it less confusing), is Heckler & Koch's (pronounced: Coc's) experimental SMG that later becomes the UMP series of submachine guns. They are available in every category: Primary, secondary, or support items, under
NMRiH Winchester Super X3
Winchester's Super X3, or SX3, is a gas-operated semiautomatic shotgun built by FN in Belgium using what the company calls “Active Valve” technology. ... The gas piston and valve operate independently, exerting less pressure on the piston for
[Everata] Weapons of Everata
Kopultria Tseghetsil 895/911 The T95/11 is a famously ubiquitous weapon. It armed almost everyone fighting in Kopultria, and a myriad of nations beyond both before, and mainly after, the end of the Civil War. Alveatsetsii Roguhrtsuhr 913 The AR13 is
Grappling Hook
Have you ever needed to get from point A to point B very quickly? Needed to cross a chasm without air vehicles? Make a tactical retreat fast? Well now you can. With the grappling hook you can zip horizontally and vertically at 3x the running speed
Tabuk Assault Rifle Commission
Automatic rifle and 2) self-loading sniper rifle. The main differences between the Tabuk rifle and the AK: the trigger mechanism, the compensator-flame extinguisher and the butt. The accuracy with Chinese M43 PS ball cartridges is about five
Berdan II
Behold, the next greatest thing since magazine-muskets! The Berdan II! This was a rifle developed by an American fellow by the name of Hiram Berdan, who commanded a group of sharpshooters during the War of Southern Aggression; he also dabbled in
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