Ravenfield: Victoria Mega Pack
Another mega pack of all my mods set during the Victorian age, at least, mods that are completely set then. For instance, this does not include my Late Qing or Korean skins. Both weapons and skins are included in this full pack of fun. The times
Grim Revolver (2late4Halloween)
Mod "Grim Revolver (2 late 4 Halloween)" will add to the game Ravenfield powerful revolver-Grim Revolver, created specifically for the Halloween holiday. It deals high damage to the enemy: 120 X2.
Combi-Bolter Pack
The Combi-bolter was much more common during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy eras than at present in the Imperium and Chaos Space Marine Attack Bikes and Chaos Terminators are still often equipped with the older and less efficient Combi-bolter,
Russian Special Purpose Pack
Mod "Russian Special Purpose Pack" will add to the game a Russian set of special purpose of the following models: PSS Silent PistolThe PSS was developed during the late 1970s and early 1980s to replace the older PB silenced pistol. Sometimes it is
Terran Republic assault rifle from the game Planetside 2. The Terran Operations Rifle is a favorite amongst TR who feel at home with an all-around performer. Deadly accurate with fast reload assists for its 40 round magazine, the TORQ-9's
1918 Trench Knife [Project RF1]
Today we offer you as fine a knife as there ever was, fitted with multipurpose instruments, capable of performing any needed chore for any of your would-be tasks. Such a precious little knife as this is fitted with the finest brass or bronze metals
BFR .45-70
Big frame revolver in .45-70. It is located in the handgun category. Can be single, duel wielded, and scoped.
[WW2 Collection] Armaguerra Mod. 39
Designed during the interwars period for the Italian army's semi automatic rifle contest, the Armaguerra was considered superior to it's competition, and was thus selected. Due to an ammunition change, it had to be redesigned, with production
Exotic automatic rifle MonteCarlo-Volume 2 adds to the game Ravenfield this modification.
[HL-2 & Gmod] Gravity Gun и Physics Gun
Mod" [HL2 & Gmod] Gravity Gun and Physics Gun " adds to the game Ravenfield Gravity Gun and Physgun from Half Life 2 and G-Mod. It looks like a loaded gravi gun, but when fired, it emits a beam that can be used to take any object.
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