The greatest vanilla styled streetsweeper COMMISSION ever
The greatest vanilla styled streetsweeper COMMISSION ever
[J T's Fictional Armory] Aurora LMG
The Aurora light machine gun was originally meant to be a legal fully-automatic home defense machine gun for maximum protection, but was later modified to fit the military's needs. The Gen. 1 variant is a hard-hitting yet slow-firing weapon perfect
NMRiH S&W 686
The Smith & Wesson Model 686 is a six- or seven-shot double-action revolver manufactured by Smith & Wesson and chambered for the .357 Magnum cartridge; it will also chamber and fire .38 Special cartridges. Smith & Wesson introduced the
Izanagi's Burden
"Shame. Guilt. Fear. We all bear them. Gather your regrets, purge them as best you can. Let your enemies feel the weight of your burdens." — Ada-1 This Claymore/SniperRifle is from the game <Destiny2> At Equipment Slot Press X or 4 switch mode
Engineer Buildings [TF2]
Pack Contains Level 1 Sentry and Dispenser [RED and BLU version] Before someone begs me to further expand this... ==I DO NOT HAVE ANY PLANS TO MAKE LEVEL 2-3 VARIANTS== Pack Contains Dispenser (RED and BLU) - Acts like a normal Medi and Ammobag
[WW2 Collection] Remington 51
One of the many guns of John Pedersen, the Remington 51 was designed as a pocket pistol to compete in the huge concealed handguns market of the time. The Remington 51 was slightly bigger and more expensive than the competition, but it was more
[WW2 Collection] German engineering shovel reupload
The original mod was removed due to a report (can't even say why it was banned here or it'd get banned too, you can ask me on discord, it wasn't serious but rather kinda stupid). So here it is again :v
NMRiH Cz. 858
CZ 858 Tactical: A semi-automatic variant designed for the civilian market assembled from unused parts from when production of the military versions ended. ... External components have a new varnish coat (identical to the coating used on original
Model 1914 Grenade Pack Remaster
Like other military powers of the World War 1 period (1914-1918), the Russian Army adopted a "stick grenade" design as an anti-infantry measure. In Imperial Russian Army service, this became the "Model 1914", a weapon designed by Vladimir Rdultovsky
Mauser Selbstlader 1916 Pack (Project Forgotten Ravenfield + Great War)
You heard that right! The Mauser Selbstlader 1916, made famous by its appearance in Battlefield 1, now in Ravenfield! This rifle originated in the first attempts by Paul Mauser to create a reliable self loading rifle in the 1890s. Development
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