15 cm schwere Feldhaubitze 13
The 15 cm schwere Feldhaubitze 13 (15 cm sFH 13), was a heavy field howitzer used by Germany in World War I and the beginning of World War II. The gun was a development of the previous standard howitzer, the 15 cm sFH 02. Improvements included a
Assault MRR - Bullpup Vanilla+ Rifle
The Assault MRR is the new standard Ravens rifle, medium recoil and medium damage. Also includes a tactical variant with a holographic sight, suppressor, horizontal grip and a functional laser.
XM4 - Project ExtAs (COMMISSION)
Welcome to the third custom installment of Project Extended Arms, a Modding Project dedicated to bringing high quality weapon content to Ravenfield. What is the main difference of Project ExtAs to any other workshop weapon? To start, Project ExtAs
[WW2 Collection] Beretta 1918 30
After WW1, some of the leftover 1918 beretta carbines were converted into closed bolt, bottom feeding actions. The intent was for these to be used by police units, although only a few were ever made or used. It was essentially the same weapon as the
It's finally here. The Sig P226, my favorite pistol of all time. Spent countless hours on the modeling, and I'm pretty happy with the result. 4 version P226 and P226RX with Sig Romeo 3 Max on the slide. Stealth version with AAC suppressor.
M4A1 with Large Mag
M4A1 with Imitation of COD16's reload animation, and equipped with 50 rounds magazine. The model is from “Escape from Tarkov”.
Chinese large-caliber machine gun with a rotating block of barrels. It was first shown at the Africa Aerospace and Defense 2012 military exhibition in Pretoria as part of the CS/V1 combat complex, consisting of a machine gun, auxiliary weapons and a
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Ordnance QF 18-pounder (Stationary)
The Ordnance QF 18-pounder was the standard British Empire field gun of the First World War-era. It formed the backbone of the Royal Field Artillery during the war, and was produced in large numbers. It was used by British Forces in all the main
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[WW2 Collection] SIG MKMO
The MKMO was a development of previous Swiss submachine guns, created in collaboration with the Hungarian Pál Király (who would later develop the 43M). It was meant to be exported, but due to it's cost only a few were picked by Swiss police and the
Big Irons and a Melee Minipack
This Pack Includes Schofield - Also known as "Smith and Wesson Model/No. 3". A Single Action Top Break Revolver produced by "Smith and Wesson" around 1870 - 1915. Remington 1858 New Model Army - A Single Action Revolver that can be loaded with a
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