The Metal Gear Solid Gunpack
An excellent mod pack of weapons "The Metal Gear Solid Gun pack" for the game Ravenfield, which contains the following models: MK23 SOCOM FN Five Seven MK22 Hushpuppy comes with a knife (to switch, press the "X" key) M4 Snake's custom
Cobra ATGM
Portable anti-tank missile system, developed jointly by the Swiss companies Oerlikon, Contraves and West German Bölkow. COBRA belongs to the first-generation ATGM.
J202 anti-tank missile (ATGM) developed by the People's Republic of China. It is an improvement on the earlier J-201 model. Compared to the Cobra missile, the maximum range is increased by a quarter to 2 km.
Samurai Edge 'Albert-01'
Samurai Edge-AW Model-01 or Albert-01, is a special pistol that appears in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and is the main weapon. It has a capacity for 9 bullets in the magazine.
Entrenching Tool
Point at the ground and hold LMB to dig something. Switch firemode (x) to switch between the following earthworks types. Foxhole: A basic fighting hole, deep enough to lie prone in. Spider Hole: Small hidey-hole you can shoot out of. It's
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5.45×39 Kalashnikov assault rifle folding shortened, AKS-74U, razg. shortened, bitch, ksyukha, Krinkov, krink, butt-a shortened version of the AK74 machine gun, was developed in the late 1970-early 1980 - ies for arming the crews of combat vehicles,
This my first RF Mod.It may look like too simple,cause I am Learning Blender Animation.I'll fix it in the future.Anyways,plz enjoy it! Damage:45 Muzzle Velocity:730m/s Fire Rate:612RPM
Skitarii Flechette Blaster Pack
A Flechette Blaster is a lightweight but lethal weapon; a favoured tool of Sicarian Infiltrators, perhaps one of the most sinister of the Adeptus Mechanicus's Skitarii warrior clades. This lethal short range weapon fires hundreds of tiny darts, each
MK-26 GLMS [Spec-Ops Project] (Commission)
The Mark 26 Guided Missile Launching System (GMLS) was a United States Navy fully automated system that stows, handles, and launches a variety of missiles. The system supported RIM-66 Standard, RUR-5 ASROC, and potentially other weapons.[1] The Mark
Desert Eagle .50 AE Remastered
Mod " Desert Eagle .50 AE Remastered " will add a large-caliber self-loading pistol to the Ravenfield game. It is positioned as a hunting weapon, a sports weapon and a weapon for self-defense against wild animals and criminal encroachments. It was
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