WW2 Collection-Post Scriptum knockoff
The WW2 Collection-Post Scriptum knockoff mod adds a large collection of WWII weapons to the game. Weapons: -Lee Enfield -M1 Garand -Kar98k -Wz1929 -G43 -MP40 -StG 44 -MG34 -MG42 -Panzerfaust -PIAT -M24 -M24 bundle grenad
The greatest m1903 springfield COMMISSION ever
Mod "The greatest m1903 springfield COMMISSION ever" will add an American magazine rifle to the game. It was developed based on the experience of the Spanish-American war of 1898 (during which Spanish troops used 7-mm Mauser magazine rifles mod.
BF4 Meds and Ammo
Med kits and ammo crates designed in the image of those present in Battlefield 4.
MG08 15 (Matz model)
This is another version of the WW2 collection's MG08/15,but with a model made by Matz. Statistiaclly it's the same,the only difference is the model. STATS: Damage->60 (2 shots to the chest) Loaded ammo->250 bullets
[WW2 Collection] MG08 15
Developed as a means to make the MG08 more mobile, the MG08/15 was a lighter, more transportable version easier to deploy in the frontline. It also saw use by assault units, who carried it on the hip to quickly deploy it in battle supposedly. It saw
Vetterli-Vitali 1870/87
The Swiss repeating rifle, designed by f Vetterli in 1867-1868 and adopted by the Swiss army in 1869. It is considered the first European magazine rifle to be adopted. It was used by the Swiss army until it was replaced with the more advanced
9A-91 and VSK-94
Mod "9A-91 and VSK-94" will add the following weapons to the game Ravenfield: VSK-94: the VSK-94 silenced Sniper rifle was developed by KBP (instrument design Bureau), best known for its high-performance GSH series aircraft guns, as well as
[WW2 Collection] Lahti LMG
Designed in 1925 to become the light machine gun of the Finnish army,the LS M/26 was produced in moderate numbers (about 6000). On the battlefield it was known for it's great accuracy but difficult maintenance and it's small magazine. Some were sent
[WW2 Collection] Kar98 pack
Magazine rifle, officially adopted in 1935. It was the main and most mass-produced small arms of the Wehrmacht. Structurally, it is a shortened and slightly modified modification of the Mauser 98 rifle. Specifications: Damage: 104 (1 point-blank
1 200
Trench Club Commission
This authentic trench mace will pack a supreme wallop to any would-be assailant, or make a fine display piece for passerby! Made of good, solid oak with iron fittings and the best serge grip fastened around the handle. Includes optional barbed wire
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