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13-05-2019, 15:54

Map "(PA - 2LW) Ilast Valley Snow" version 13.05.19 for Ravenfield (Build 15)

The Kingdom of Hetland is in dire straits. The Royal Family has fled the country. The Central Staff is at each-other's throats. Lines are being drawn even among the men and women of the Home Army, as the front lines are ripped apart by differences in loyalty, personal agendas, or a desire to just go home and let the nightmare end. However, Hetland's fate may hinge upon one factor: The merging of Syrvania's northern and southern fronts. Despite taking heavy losses through Radetziy Pass, Syrvanian armored units are preparing to surge south toward Tába, breaking out from the highlands. Though the Ilast Valley region is not well fortified, it may prove to be the stage for a decisive spoiling attack by Hetland's own armored forces. Though victory here may not save Hetland from defeat, it may just serve to reunite her fractured armies in the King's absence.

This map has been released to preview and debut updates to Project Altirus vehicles. These include using new features in the vehicle scripts, more detailed models (without going too high-poly), and assorted new visual effects such as tracks, muzzle flashes, and animations. All this stuff will be added to the vehicles in the standalone packs and previous maps when any technical issues or balance problems have been resolved in this map.

Recommended Settings
- Gamemode: Point Match
- Bots: 60-100
- Weapons: Project Altirus: The Second Leersog War pack


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