[WW3] WW3 Weapons Pack
Special thanks for theire help to complete this project: Sui, for firing sounds of the ACE 21 and the AUG Solar, for founding this amazing project Mellamomellamo, for having barly enougth stamina and mental stability to animate all of this VOVCHEG,
Beta M4A1 Assault Rifle Pack
Post any and all improvements, I know there are some but I am just lazy so ignore some of the UI Icon things, and the stupid bots holding the guns. As far as I know, the hecking bots only use the "M4A1 Holo (Primary)" weapon normally. Beta guns: -
Fresh Diplomacy
This mod resets all diplomatic relations in the game. That means you won't see any alliances or subject states at game start. Everyone will have to build up diplomacy from the ground up. Not compatible with achievements.
Slavic Venedia
I've made a small mod which adds Venedia, a Slavic tribe at the edge of the known world. I'm quite open to suggestions as to flag, name lists, &c.
WhiteSide's better flags
Changes flags of Rome, Etruria, Carthage, Epirus, Syracuse, Macedon, Thracia, Phrygia, Egypt, Parthia, Bactria and Maurya. More might be coming
Move Capital
Allows you to move your capital to another province, costing 500 Civic Power and 2 Stability. The button to do this is found in the province view, by the transfer occupation button.
More Idea Slots
Add more idea slots to all governments. Empire Tier +4 Ideas (+1 for each category) Monarchy and Republic Tier +3 Ideas Plutocratic Monarchy: military ideas 1, religious ideas 1, oratory ideas 1, civic ideas 3 Theocratic Monarchy: military ideas 1,
No Fog of War
Removes the obvious fog of war visual effect over provinces.
Nilotic Reskin - Darker skin for Nilotic characters
This mod changes the appearance of characters from Nilotic cultures (e.g. Egyptian, Kushite, and Garamantian) so that they have darker skin and African hairstyles. When trying out the game on launch day, I thought it quite strange that not only the
Alternative Macedon Sun
This mod replaces the original Macedon Sun with the emblem named "ce_argead_empire" from the game file "gfx\coat_of_arms\colored_emblems".
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