Two "civilian" shotguns (SKO-12 & VR80)
These are two AR-like semi-auto shotguns that are categorized as "civilian" shotguns in the US. Standard Manufacturing's SKO-12: Holds 6 rounds per magazine, with a slower fire rate and tighter spread. Personally, I really like its design, except
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The Sword Cutlass
The Sword Cutlass is a pair of custom Beretta 92FS Inox pistols with a 5.9-inch barrel and slide configuration. They are engraved with "9mm Sword Cutlass", the Jolly Roger of the famous pirate Calico Jack (also inlaid into the ivory grips), and the
Shotty Pack
A olde weapons of the American West, that was used to clear out a guy who has a debt easily in a Saloon.
[WW2 Collection] Tsing Tao SMG
During the interwars period, the need for automatic weapons in China was massive, and many factories were looking for designs to copy or build. The Tsing Tao hand held MG was one such copy, of the Bergmann submachine gun. It was identical to the
MK18MOD1-A10 air support
This time mk18 uses more sophisticated animation. You can also press" X" to summon an A10 to help you fight. You need to add an attack command to A10, otherwise you will fly away from the battlefield.
M-Towel - The best vanilla+ Rocket Launcher
The M-Towel is a direct response to the Eagle's PGL-15 grenade-launcher. Works like a normal TOW Turret, but you can carry it for every place you go. This rocket launcher is pratically the the Raven's War Crimes Machine.
Slide Mutator
This mod changes your player speed, so it may be incompatible with other mutators that do the same. Because of that, it also lets you change the default player speed. Slide speed is simply added onto your player speed. How to use: 1) Sprint 2) Press
Arisaka Type99 Sniper rifle
Japanese magazine rifle of the Second World War.
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Linder Carbine
Light carbine for a paper cartridge. A paper cartridge is a round lead bullet wrapped in a paper cylinder of gunpowder. It was used in the American Civil War.
Wolfenstein TNO 1960 Weapons
There are a total of 7 weapons, with 19 different variations: Machine Gun 1960 or Maschinengewehr 60/Mg60: The ridiculous laser-powered successor of the infamous quad barrel Mg46, with 250 round ammo capacity that can melt through even tanks. Yes,
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