[WW2 Collection] MAS-36
The MAS 36 was developed as a cheap and easy to produce rifle for the French army to stock while a new semi automatic rifle was developed.It's purpose then would be to act as an emergency weapon for the reserves,while the better guns were being
Standard Armaments 2 x 150mm Smooth Bore Cannon 12.7mm Machine Gun Equipment Shell:HEAT APFSDS (Mouse Scroll to switch Shell) Smoke Discharger (Push X) The Type 61 or M61 main battle tank is a type of ground weapon in the anime series Mobile Suit
This Mod is modeled on AH-1S belonging to the JAPAN Ground Self Defense Force(JGSDF). Deployment began in earnest in 1982 and the JSDF currently has 56 AH-1S deployed. AH-1S has been operating for over 30 years, playing the core of antitank fight in
[PVCN] Operation Dead Lift
Project Vulcan's third map is set inside an airplane with close quarters combat, as Außeten Sterzi units battle their way through three floors of Vulcan soldiers. Obviously, the skirmish gamemode won't work with this map, and I wouldn't recommend it
M10 Tank Destroyer
Американский Танковый Разрушитель, Росомаха М10! Для этого мода я пробую что-то другое: -Различный метод области видимости (HUD вместо целевого объекта) -Больше пользовательских частиц (в том числе частиц двигателя) -Больше использование разрушаемых
Sector-R-13 CEC
Sector-R-13 Coporate Escort Conflict Anno 3713 The HH-133 Corporation has tryed to disturb the RR-REC Corporation mining facilities on CORR-Prime for decades. As the rare mineral AD-77 is getting more and more depleted HH-133 has started a full
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DC-17 Blaster Pistol
The DC-17 Blaster Pistol is a popular side-arm used by many clonetrooper officers during the Clone Wars. Being an improved variant of the DC-15 series, it has been proven to be effective in battle against the droid army, gaining a reputation of
OS-98 "Spacesplitter"
The OS-98 is a futuristic, single engine spacecraft. It has exceptional manoeuverablity in the air, and can land at almost any location (It hovers down slowly).  The plasma gun on the front is strong enough to damage anything in its path (Plasma
Supply Dock
Ranging from Medium to close quarter combat, this map is perfect for urban warfare style combat, recommend around 50 to 60 bots.
Wasteland Rifle
New weapon for the game Ravenfield, which is called "Rifle Wasteland."
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