Messier 87: First Black Hole Image in History
To comemorate the first image of a Black Hole ever, this mod replaces the event image of a black hole with that of Messier 87, as revealed on the 10th of April 2019.
Falcon Mk. 18
A remaster of the Mk. 18 sidearm! All combat units need officers, but in the heat of battle, when everyone is drenched in mud, it is hard to tell who is an officer. The Royal Falcon Army Corps realised this in peactime exercises. Previously,
Siege of Hellsreach
The Battle of Hellsreach was an Imperial effort to defend the vital industrial port hive city of Hellsreach on the Hive World of Armageddon from a massive Ork assault that was a part of the great Ork WAAAGH! of the Warlord Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka
Chicken Valley
The new Chicken Valley map for Ravenfield will take the battles to chicken valley. It is recommended to install 100-150 bots.
US Marine Skin
sorry this is all so sloppy. i just figured i really need to finish this thing and get it out there before i drop it. there are a lot of issues with the skin since this is my first model and im still learning, so sorry about that. fixes will come as
Super-heavy German tank of the Second world war - VK 100.01 for the game Ravenfield. Created by the company "Porsche", one of the prototypes of the super-heavy tank Maus.
Some of you may know i have an old mod "collection of ww2 weapons",and sometimes i make some of the guns there standalone too,because some people prefer that over a pack. So,after remaking the old MG42 with Erazer's model,i decided to also make it
Rust Weapons Pack
Excellent mod pack consisting of 9 weapons for the game Ravenfield. The list of weapons: Homemade shotgun; Double-barreled shotgun; Semiautomatic rifle; Custom SMG - pistol - machine gun; Thompson submachine gun; Beancan Grenade; Launcher - launches
Visible Cyborgs
Adds cybernetic versions of humans, default humanoids and several other species portraits and applies them whenever a pop or leader of appropriate species receives a cybernetic trait. Leaders will preserve their original phenotype and colour after
Laser Vehicles DARK EDITION
Some epic Sci-Fi Vehicles and Turrets sorted by red and blue. This is Work in Progress so more stuff is yet to come and whats here allready aint perfect. So comment bugs. - Hoverbike - Laser MG-Jeep - Laser Tank - Laser MG - Experimental Turret -
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I would love to see a well made mod of the Selbstlader m1916, which fose done
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