Battle of Islands
There is a main bridge connecting an island village with a smaller island, that has a port to help the village connect with the outside world. However over the years due to the island's strategic position there was built an military helicopter base.
The SPA-Viberti AS.42 Sahariana was an Italian reconnaissance car of World War II. It had a 20mm Cannon on the top of it, and was very manuverable.
Springfield 1861
The famous American Civil War-era musket employed by the good guys, now with smooth shading as it looks nice on guns. I completely trashed the new animations, so I don't know if this'll be updated anytime soon, but the old set is on before that got
Mod created for fun, Tancopter will add a fictional technique to the game Ravenfield- a tank and a helicopter in one bottle. Now you can control a tank that can fly.
RKR (Ravenfield SKS)
A modified RK-44 that got turned into a RKR. Its a semi automatic DMR version of the RK-44.
Cop & Robber Callouts
Cop n' Robber callouts, for all of your Cops n' Robbers needs! This mod contains over 135 different voicelines (in total) in this mod. Audio from Battlefield: Hardline. Thanks to Sui for providing the audio in the first place.
Sembo Salt Flats; Strafe-Running Action
The Reds were deeply entrenched in the desert town, but the Blues came prepared and heavily armed. Red may have the territory advantage, but Blue had the firepower. As they slowly advance over the desert expanse towards the stronghold, they will
Fractal Complex; CQB Arena
Map "Fractal Complex; CQB Arena" for the game Ravenfield. This map is perfect for close combat in this elevated arena. We recommend installing bots: 40.
BF4 Siege of Shanghai ish 2020
New map "BF4 Siege of Shanghai fish 2020" for the game Ravenfield. Beautiful landscapes maps, war on the sea along the city -all you need to destroy the enemy team.
C&C Red Alert3:Kirov Airship VTOL
Mod "C&C Red Alert3:Kirov Airship VTOL" adds to The game ravenfield Kirov airship. Given its pure role as a heavy bomber, the only real drawback of Kirov is its undeniable lack of speed - a problem that is partially solved thanks to Kirov's
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