The PP91 is a small SMG recommended in CQC battles, however it can also be great at longer distances. There are alt fire variants however they do not use a mutator and thus play an reloading animation before it, but there are just normal auto
Adds two M16A1 rifles with semi and automatic variants The iconic black rifle known for its service in the Vietnam War as the standard issue rifle for the US military, replacing the M14 in 1969. The M16 series of rifles that are chambered in
JW TTI Glock34
Custom Glock34 in John Wick: Chapter 2.
[WW2 Collection] Nambu Type 14
Originally designed to be cheaper than the previous nambu pistols, the Type 14 was a simplified and improved Type A. It was made to be sold to Japanese NCOs (with great success), and they were used in all fronts Japan was involved with. Though
Type052D Destroyer
The Type 052D Destroyer (NATO Code: LuYang III-class destroyer) is a missile destroyer belonging to the navy of the people's Liberation Army. It has more than 10 ships in service. It is a new and improved type of 052c destroyer. It is also a modern
Daqing Oilfields (Battlefield 2)
Daqing Oilfields is a large sized, China themed map that is the classic Battlefield 2 map of the same name, where it pits the US at a town, while China at a base, with 7 control points in the middle.
NASAMS-medium-range SAM. The main purpose is to destroy enemy air objects at medium and low altitudes in any weather conditions. Development of the Norwegian company "Norwegian Kongsberg" and the American "Raytheon". It was created to replace the
STUKA PACK (Simpleplanes & Ravenfield)
Single-engine two-seat dive bomber and attack aircraft of the second world war. The distinctive features of the aircraft were the wing type "inverted gull", fixed non-retractable landing gear and the roar of the siren, which allows the pilot to
Wowozela / Black Mesa Sweet Voice
A fretless instrument for Ravenfield with intuitive controls. Obviously, it doesn't have much use for fighting outside of this singular purpose. Fun fact: this took longer to make than you would think.
Suppressed Weapons
Mod pack "suppressed weapons" Raven Ravenfield New weapons: Welrod silent gun The Honey Badger Suppressed His Assault Rifle Sterling submachine gun
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