Includes SVT-40 and AVT-40 Intended to be the standard Soviet semi-automatic rifle of WWII, over 1.6 million were built. Production proved too costly however, and the Soviet Army reverted to using older Mosin-Nagant rifles instead. The bullet the
StG - 44
You already know what it is :P Comes from my WW2 Collection,i released it as standalone because some people asked for it. You can find the gun on Assault;it's great at CQC and medium range,though i wouldn't use it for long range,as it has some nice
M1 Carbine
Part of my WW2 Collection,but now standalone. Located on the Assault tag,this is basically a mix between a marksman rifle and an SMG (but semi automatic). It's better suited for CQC,though you can use it up to 150 metres.
Walla Walla
Halo 3 Valhalla inspired map. * May not run on Win XP or DX9 systems. Shaders use DX11. - Unity terrain converted with Polyworld - Trees created in Blender - Bases created in Sketchup - Rocks converted to low poly with Polyworld - Water created with
Greetings soldier, this time we're allocated for the battle of the River Somme. -2 attempts to attack were unsuccessful but under your command we will be able to take the river and its near the nearest plant -To fight such an army as the British and
M2 Browning
I made this because there wasn't an M2 Browning on the workshop. at least from what I could see. This is a mounted weapon. Not an equippable firearm. Aspects Ammunition - 70 (Box) | Unlimited (Belt) Fire Rate - 0.26 cooldown Some History: The M2
M-650 Ragnarök [Helios Weapons &Tech/Horizon]
When a big cannon isnt enougth, get a bigger one. When mix Electromagnetic energy and 750 kg of tungsten in just the right way, you got a projectile that can punch through any material known to man. This is probably the biggest cannon I ever made.
[Fallout Project] Plasma Guns pack
The Iconic Plasma guns! Melt the faces of feral gouls and Enclave alike! Features: -Anti-Vehicle damage -14 Varients -Custom reload (True to lore)
[Fallout Project] Stimpaks and Medikits
The Stimpak (the stimulation delivery package), is a type of hand-held medication used for healing the body. Its a syringe containing medication that provides immediate healing of the body's minor wounds and has a gauge for measuring the status of
Battle of the Pacific II
Engage in capital ship battles, dogfight over the island or hop in a tank and take the fight to the enemy. Features 9 custom vehicles all with my models and unique stats: P-51* F4U Corsair* B-17* Jeep* USS Iowa Sherman* Zero* Type-97* Also includes
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I from Turkey and I love this map :D good job  
Some of the weapons mentioned above aren't on here.
Damn! It's so sad to see a modder saying that he'll stop working on his
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