Multipurpose PDW (silent)
This automatic, medium range personnal defense weapon was designed as a compact but efficient secondary weapon for soldiers using a primary weapon hard to use at certain ranges (sniper rifle users/ shotgun users). This weapon uses low calibre ammo
[Project WW3] AK-12 pack
Here’s a new modpack for project WW3, hope you’ll enjoy it! -This packs includes the ak-12 ( 5.56x39mm ), the ak-15 ( 7.62x39mm ) and the RPK-16 ( 5.56x39mm ) which is coming soon. There also will be update throughout this week, so keep yourself
Apache AH1
The AgustaWestland Apache is the British licence built Apache based on the AH-64D. Changes from the AH-64D include Rolls-Royce Turbomeca engines, a new electronic defensive aids suite and a folding blade mechanism allowing the British version to
Greenwood (An attempt to make Ravenfield a "realistic" shooter.)
This is mainly a test map to see if this type of map is plausible. Things to note before play: -Capture zones are now huge and are displayed on the mini-map with a grid. -Vehicle spawn times for Tanks and Helicopters are long. -The map is optimized
From eggs crawl little spidery hands that only want to give your face a hug. Then, a few hours later, something new tears out of your chest, and grows up to be a big chap. _______________________________________ Due to popular demand from my
Hey, i finally did it !!! Now I have done something truly incredible... good optimization! Oh, and the destruction on the map, a lot of destruction.... Well, i hope you enjoy it ! SYKA BLYАT
Modern pack (Test version) - Some more attachments
I'm currently (amongst other things) working on a modern guns pack (kind of inspired in Bf4),and because work is slow and testers are scarce,i'm uploading this version that will contain some of the weapons so that i can get feedback (eventually i'll
Scorpion Evo 3 A1
SIEEEJ!!, hey um dropping a like would be appreciated
R700 Suppressed
remmington 700 suppressed, shoots pretty fast and oneshots up close. leave a rating, and if you dislike it tell me why in the comments
G 18
hey all i made a mod lol here it is its a simple glock pack that adds a G-18 and a G-18 -S. leave a rating please, if you dont like it tell me why in the comments i always read them.
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A nice weapon !
Can you update this mod?
hay nice mod but i was wondering it you could make a red dot 1911 and a
haga los transformers , incluso los autos, los tanques de los aviones y eso,
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