(S-RW) E: Border Clash
I am now beginning a new conquest campaign: the Sino-Russian War. This conquest campaign will feature a whole new set of maps (aside from a vanilla map that I think would fit kinda well within one area), with the location mostly being in Manchuria.
Mod "(COMMISSION) T-62 " will add a Soviet medium and main tank to the game Ravenfield. Created on the Basis of the t-55 tank. It was produced in the USSR from 1962 to 1975. The world's first production tank with smoothbore weapons, and the mass of
O-6004 Self Propelled Gun
Experimental object, code 600 - 4. Proposal to mount a modified X-292 Experimental Shipping Gun on code 600 SPG chassis. Notation: Developed as a sister project to code 600 - 1. Experimental Projectile X-2924 consists of a rail-assisted sabot
Desert Eagle + Variants
The "Desert Eagle + Variations" mod adds a large-caliber self-loading pistol to the Ravenfield game. It is positioned as hunting weapons, sports weapons, and weapons for self-defense against wild animals and criminal attacks. Available in two
Type3 Midnight
With the sheer combined power of the HIVEs and their accompanying Eclipse drones on the scale of an extinction event, installations wiped out left and right, Eagle and Raven set aside their differences in favour of an unsteady alliance. Every
Special Operations Weapon Pack
With over 50 weapons (including tactical variants) there should be no shortage of variety to paint the walls red and blue. We will be eventually updating this weapon pack with polish, more weapons and systems with the ravenscript API.
Killer Bean Skin Pack
Spice up your Ravenfield battles with characters from the animated masterpiece Killer Bean Forever! Play as Killer Bean in a one-bean war against crime, or shake things up and create your own scenarios! In addition to the main bean himself, this
Skins of the Marina and FES
I LeDiegue3 have proud of present to you some skins based on the mexican army FES and MARINA whit a strange textured but functional camo to simulate some type of scenarios. Like ww3 or war on drugs, i dunno just enjoy and have fun!
[COD] Scrapyard
Scrapyard from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, now remade* for Ravenfield! This is my first map, and I decided to recreate one of my favorite multiplayer maps. Scrapyard is a smaller map, so a lower bot count is recommended. Around 30-60 bots
M-22 Demolition Vehicle
An X-22 main battle tank converted into a mining/demolition vehicle. Fires 980mm plasma orbs. Your gun has extremely limited traverse and your projectiles are very short range. You will blow yourself up a lot. Luckily, you have a lot of health.
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