[SWP] Echo Base
By: NorMoose (your welcome) Unfinished but fully functional (unable to update)
Fields before Ferrograd
Ferrograd was the last remaining loyalist holding for the entire planet of Krieg, Ferrograd rapidly became the rallying point for the remaining Loyalist factions. But the situation for the Loyalists was dire; On the Fields before Ferrograd the rebel
Gulf Of Oman
Gulf of Oman is a medium sized, modern themed, desert / coastal themed map that pits the USMC at a carrier offshore, and four fortifications near the coast, while the MEC has control of an airfield, and three control points at three unique locations
Mauser 1914 Pistol
The Mauser 1914 is a blowback Pistol chambered in .32 ACP. It has a single stack 8 round magazine. This is the successor the the popular Mauser 1910 chambered in .25 ACP. This pistol was not meant to be used by militaries yet it saw some service in
KV-2 Variants
The Legendary Fridge on Tracks, the KV-2! Contains: KV-2 1939: -One 152mm Cannon (APCBC), 33.3s Reload -One 7.62mm MG (Hull Mount), 7s Reload -2 Crew + 4 Passengers -4340 HP KV-2 1940: -One 152mm Cannon (APCBC), 33.3s Reload -Two 7.62mm MG (Hull
Citizen Rebels Skin Pack
This is a skin pack that I made a while ago and was just gathering dust in my files, so I decided I might as well upload it. It has five variants: - Grasslands - Desert - Snowy - Night - Guerilla (Thanks to Milkita for suggestion!)
Rifle No.9 Mk1 (EM-2)
The Rifle No.9 Mk1 or more commonly known as the EM-2 or the Janson rifle was a British Bullpup assault rifle developed in 1951. It did not see much service and only 59 were ever manufactured. This was due to political reasons from the rifle not
[WW2 Collection] M1 Garand
The M1 Garand was the result of decades of tests and development of semi automatic rifles for the US army,being accepted into service in 1937,and by 1941 the whole army was equipped with them.It saw very heavy action during WW2,and it was known as a
Battle For The Capital
After the brutal defeat of the Citadel the Raven military moved there head of operations to the Capital of Archipelago. The Eagles have been eyeing the Capital for weeks. Now the time has come to invade! Bots 80 to 120 If your a fan of low
raven fortress
modern combat 65-80 bots raven defend eagle attack please report bug
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