A-61 Mantis (rerelease) [Mass-Effect]
A-61 Mantis (rerelease) [Mass-Effect] for Ravenfield.
Defensive position
As the Eagle Team continued to advance, they encountered a defensive position on a hill with concrete bunkers and ramified trenches. Can Eagle Team with only a few armored forces win the hill? Recommended configuration : 80-100 Bots Weapons vehicles
Unreal Tournament
Experience Unreal Tournament Gamemodes in Ravenfield ! This mod also comes with the Enforcer from UT1999. Huge thanks to Krev for providing me with the model and sounds ! Currently contains: Working kill spree system (quick sprees, normal sprees) 2
I made the missile faster and i does more damage. Its a supersonic telephone pole what can i say. lock on and fire a really big missile.
A-10 Thunderbolt II
It is a pity that rf can only have five weapons at most for a vehicle. So it has no more space for repair tool. 1 Seat for Pilot: GAU-8 LAU-3 Rocket Pods AGM-65 AIM-9 GBU-10
VN2 is a version of ZSL92 for foreign trade, it's 6x6 so it may be smaller than other APC. HP:1800: its armor is just better than BMP1, so you can use HMG to destroy it. Seats: 6 (one driver and 5 passengers). Weapon: one 30mm cannon (attack enemy
The Better Turrets Mod
Adds a total of 8 new turrets into the game, ranging from better vanilla turrets, to hypersonic missile launchers, and laser turrets! Almost all turrets feature fully customized HUDs, and particle effects. Some of these turrets were from a previous
[WW2 Collection] SMLE
The No1 MkIII* was a modification of the No1 MkIII (The mainline British rifle of WW1),made in 1926,which was mainly a name change and an small change on the rifle itself.This rifle saw extensive combat during all of WW2,specially in the early war
Endsieg: 1945 Battle of Berlin
The Battle of Berlin, designated the Berlin Strategic Offensive Operation by the Soviet Union, and also known as the Fall of Berlin, was one of the last major offensives of the European theatre of World War II. The garrison consisted of several
1796 Light Cavalry Sabre
Efficient as much as it is with the ladies as it is with disconnecting appendages from their owners Behold, my first melee weapon, the Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre, arguably the most famous sword of the Napoleonic Wars. Down the line I might
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WOW, gun sniper Remington MSR come back rate 9-10
roblox! great map, maybe a bit optimazation?
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