Goose Green
A large, themed map of the Falkland Islands Goose Green for Ravenfield, which depicts British battalions in the northeast with a large number of vehicles, while Argentine forces are in the southwest defending themselves. Filled with meadows and
C96 Carbine Pack
Apologies for the long break, I needed some time away from modding and my schoolwork really caught up with me, plus there were numerous issues configuring some of the weapons, but here it is, the next installment of my BF1 Pilot/Tanker Weapons Pack!
[WW2 Collection] Wehrmacht Skin
The Wehrmacht where the armed forces of germany from 1939 to 1946. This mod contains the normal wehrmacht soldier, designated to the Heer, or the ground forces.  Other version may be added later, but by now you should know how reliable I am in that
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Hangar from Warface
A copy of the famous map from the game Warface. Recommended bots 16-25.Enjoy the map, I think it turned out quite interesting!
[WW2 Collection] M1928 Thompson
The Thompson smg was originally devised as an automatic rifle to replace bolt action rifles in the American army.It was eventually adopted by police forces across the US,and by WW2,the M1928 (sometimes with both the drum magazine and the front grip)
F-2 Viper-zero
Content 1: F-2A Health: 1000 Seat size: 1 Weapon 4: Gun(M-61 Vulcan), MSL(AAM-4), AAM(AAM-3), ASM(ASM-2) Selectable category: Attack plane, Bomber plane Contents2: F-2B Health: 1500 Sear size: 2 Weapon 4: Gun(M-61 Vulcan), MSL(AAM-4), AAM(AAM-3),
[WW2 Collection] Mosin Nagant pack
Originally designed as a replacement for the single shot rifle the Russian Empire used,the Mosin M91,also known as Mosin's rifle,was the winner of the trials for the new infantry rifle. It was overly complicated,and the quality was less than
Messerschmitt BF 109
This is an new project i lost all others... but hey new start Spawns a bit higher on spawn because of the hitboxes.. Specs: - 1500 Health - Guns: + MG17 + 20 MM Cannon Extra: -Costum HUD - Hit System (show where you are hit) -Destructible armor
Step into a nasty marshland, divided by a shallow creek. Features 7 capture points, lowland in the center of the map, and a lot of hay bales. ◆︎ Recommended bots: 40-60 for optimal gameplay
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