Adeptus Sororitas
The Adeptus Sororitas is an organization formed at the end of the so called age of Apostasy from the remains of the so called "Brides of the Emperor". It consists entirely of women in order to circumvent the "Decree Passive" that forbids the
The Coast
A medium sized map set on an a small, detailed welsh peninsula with cliffs, castles and towns. It has two small villages, and a large town perfect for CQC. Recommended Configuration - 40-80 bots.
Vetterli-Vitali 1870/87
The Swiss repeating rifle, designed by f Vetterli in 1867-1868 and adopted by the Swiss army in 1869. It is considered the first European magazine rifle to be adopted. It was used by the Swiss army until it was replaced with the more advanced
Train Wars
Fight your way across western-style moving trains in intense close quarters combat! Watch your step as you traverse from train to train over narrow make-shift bridges; when you fall off, you're dead! I recommend skirmish with 20-60 bots
A small vessel that has a strong and rigid hull and an inflatable balloon located along the perimeter of the upper part of the freeboard. The rigid-hull inflatable boat is a further improvement on the conventional inflatable boat.
9A-91 and VSK-94
Mod "9A-91 and VSK-94" will add the following weapons to the game Ravenfield: VSK-94: the VSK-94 silenced Sniper rifle was developed by KBP (instrument design Bureau), best known for its high-performance GSH series aircraft guns, as well as
Corregidor - 1942
Battle of Corregidor (may 5 — 6, 1942) - along with the battle of Bataan, one of the decisive battles of the Philippine operation. The island of Corregidor, turned into a fortress, blocked the entrance to Manila Bay. The capture of the island was
Langoan Airfield
Japanese forces captured the port of Manado in the Dutch East Indies between January 11 and 13, 1942, during world war II. Map features: Recommended number of bots: 40 Recommended game mode: Point Match Recommended length: normal Recommended respawn
[WW2 Collection] Lahti LMG
Designed in 1925 to become the light machine gun of the Finnish army,the LS M/26 was produced in moderate numbers (about 6000). On the battlefield it was known for it's great accuracy but difficult maintenance and it's small magazine. Some were sent
Coral Sea
The battle of the coral sea, fought may 4-8, 1942, was one of the most significant naval battles in the Pacific theater of world war II. It occurred between formations of the Imperial Japanese Navy and allied forces from the United States and
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