Rancho Don Manuel
After some months of peace the inteligency police discovered, by the investigations of some special people,that the boss of a Hay farm, Don Manuel do important jobs for the Cartel of Los Grandes, supplying them whit personel,weapons from the ancient
[COD] Highrise
Highrise from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, remade again for Ravenfield! Recommended bot count: 30-80
Toggle Run
The "Toggle Run" mutator for the Ravenfield game allows you to switch between running and walking instead of holding down a key.
Chinese Vehicle Pack (WIP)
Mod "Chinese Vehicle Pack (ZIP)" adds to the game Ravenfield Chinese set of vehicles consisting of 11 different models of transport: (Jeep) EQ2050 (APC) ZBL09 ((APC / WheelTank) ZTL-11 ((Tank) ZTZ-98B (Aircraft) J-10B TVC (Aircraft) J-15 (Transport
Panzer IV F1
APCBC - low dmg on tanks. (Given to provide only little chance against heavier tanks) around 1200~1500, enough to smash unarmored targets. HE - very effective against infantry groups, with large AOE. MG - 150 rounds per reload Smoke - provides cover
Sig MCX Virtus + Variants
The SIG MCX is a family of firearms designed and manufactured by SIG Sauer, produced in both selective fire and semi-automatic only models, and features a short-stroke gas piston system, which is inherited from the earlier SIG MPX submachine gun. -
Heckler & Koch HK433
Mod "Heckler & Koch HK 433" adds to the game a German modular assault rifle with a base caliber of 5.56=45 mm NATO, created by Heckler & Koch. Various modules for weapons are do this, you need to press the keys (Alt + T to
Team Heroes
Main inspiration came from the Star Wars Battlefront classic series where a hero is added to both teams. The default settings for hero buffs and debuffs are listed below: Hero Buffs: 300 Max health Resupplies health and ammo to nearby teammates
Fusil 1866 Chassepot
Considerable time later, may I present to you, the superior Needle Rifle, the French Fusil 1866 Chassepot. The Chassepot was a French firearm developed in the late 1850s and officially adopted in ye year 1866 by a fellow named Antoine. The rifle was
Urban Warfare: Utility
Need something to support with? Then get your utlity, grab everything you need for your situation and slay away. NATO: - Compound Bow - M67 FRAG - M34 Incendiary Insurgents - Nailgun - Repair Torch SEAC - Rorsch Mk-1 - RGO Impact
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