The Factory Island
Hello Commander! We have intel that the Ravens have set up a base on an island we are currently calling the "Factory Island" for it's massive factory prodection area it has. It has been making materials for the Ravens to use in the war, and it must
Board That Ship
This simple mod will give you the opportunity to capture some ships. The process of boarding is presented on screen. For Stellaris 2.2. * Ships that can be captured: You can grab from a player or ai. Titan of the fallen / ordinary empires. Galleon
!Mod Menu
This is a resource for mods that use the Mods Menu. Supported mods: AutoBuild Board That Ship! Dynamic Difficulty - Ultimate Customization Core Game Mechanics Crisis Manager New Ship Classes & More (temporaly disabled, still exists in for 1.9
This great mod will save you from a lot of extra clicks. Now buildings will be automatically improved or built if there are enough resources. How it works New buildings will be improved or built depending on the available resources and active
Mett’s Machine Leaders Never Die
By default there is a 12% chance each decade for one of your leaders to malfunction as a machine empire. This mod removes that chance, and that's all it does. I could also remove the trait that reduces the chance of a malfunction but then I'd have
STREGA — Ship And Station
Add new choice to ship appearance. This MOD is not compatible with achievement.This MOD is compatible with ironman.
Vanilla Dimorphism
This mod combines several dimorphism mods on the workshop into one download. All credits go to respective mod authors. Please favourite and rate the original mods. **Achievement Compatible**
TALL WHITE — ships and station
It is simple MOD just to add new choice to ship appearance. The feature of this MOD is that it displays all ships with one texture. Look at the file size,It is probably a small one in MOD of ship set! Perhaps using one common texture in multiple
StarNet AI
This mod intends to create an action-packed experience with AI not only being able to manage their economy, research and military but also willingness to put their fleets to use. There are some good AI mods which fix some of the issues (notably,
Star Wars: Legacy Era Empire Ships
This is my first time releasing a shipset mod for Stellaris so bear with me... This mod adds two shipsets: The Fel Empire and Krayt Empire to Stellaris. Note that this mod is only cosmetic as it still uses vanilla Stellaris ship classes, frames, and
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I would love to see a well made mod of the Selbstlader m1916, which fose done
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