CS:GO Negev
The big boi gun is here Ammo: 150/300 Rate Of Fire: 0.11 Auto Found in: "ASSAULT, CSGO, TERRORISTS" and "COUNTER-TERRORISTS"
Taurox APC
The Taurox Armoured Personnel Carrier is one of the many workhorses of the groundforces of the imperial guard. It's excellent at carrying squads of imperial guards men or other more specialized forces such as the tempestus scions to wherever the
Project Vietnam - Swamp Ambush
A King-of-the-Hill map based on the jungle combat that occurred across Vietnam. Do you like being bum-rushed? Do you like BEING the bum-rusher? This map is for you! RECOMMENDED BOTS - 32 to 64 bots recommended. More if you're not a very discreet
Bots Recommended: 50 - 60 You know, I am starting to feel like this whole 3S-JW stuff isn’t really the best thing that I should do. Yeah, it’s hypothetical, and all, but I don’t really care for that anymore. I had cancelled making this whole thing a
M1903 Hammerless Carbine Pack
Apologies for the long wait, was super busy with life stuff. Had this sitting around in my computer for a while, just took a while for me to resolve some issues with it with the Blender 2.8 update and all. Anyways, next part of the BF1 Pilot/Tanker
IMPORTANT: There is a bug on the elevators. Sometimes you fall trough the floor. To avoid this, you need to spamm your space bar while the elevator is moving. Press F to get on and off ladders. I reccomend playing the map with 70-100 bots (unless
NS-44 Commissioner Revolver
From FPS game <Planetside2> The awe-inspring stopping power of the accurate NS-44 Commissioner revolver can put down even mid-range targets with a few well-placed shots
CS:GO Mag-7
The CT Shotgun is here! Ammo: 5/35 Rate Of Fire: 0.5 Pump-Action Found in: "CLOSE QUARTERS, CSGO" or "COUNTER-TERRORISTS"
[WW2 Collection] Walther P38
Designed as a new pistol for the German army in the 30's, this weapon was manufactured almost with competition standards, although later in the war the externals received way less polish than the internals to ease production. It was the first of its
Cliff Fort 2
Thank you for all the support and criticism on the first version. Here is the longly deserved update to the map. It extends the playing field and fixes alle the bugs the previous one had. This map cannot be played in the SKIRMISH mode and I
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