[WW2 Collection] MP-34
After WW1,Germany could not build machine guns with a barrel longer than 100mm,nor with more than 8 round magazines.To circumvent this,Rheinmetall bought a Swiss company and designed a weapon based on the MP18.The manufacturing was done in Austria
[WW2 Collection] Bechowiec-1
During the German occupation,the Polish resistance was always looking for more guns to arm their partisans.Henryk Strąpoć was a blacksmith that designed a submachine gun in 1943 for that use.It worked like an automatic pistol,was small,and used
A map set deep inside the forests of the American Northwest. Heavily inspired by one of my favourite games, Alan Wake. Please note that this map is reasonably performance friendly despite all the trees (40-50fps with 50 bots and highest video
[WW3] AK-74m
[WW3] Ak-74m solar made model and i animated and stuff.
[Spec-Ops] M551 Sheridan
The Cold War Reconnaissance Light Tank, the M551 Sheridan! Contains: M551 Sheridan: -One 152mm cannon (HEAT, HE, Pellet filler, ATGM), 15.6 second reload (21 for ATGM) -One 7.62mm MG (Coax), 7 second reload -One 12.7mm MG (Roof Mounted) -x8 Smokes
[SPEC-OPS] M60 Patton
This mod was made mostly by Southern_Wolf, just published by me due to some problems Southern was having with the mod. Contains: M60 Patton: -One 105mm Cannon (HEATFS and APDS) 5s Reload -One 7.62mm MG (Coax) 6s Reload -One 12.7mm MG (Roof Mount) 7s
Condo Runaround CQB
Breach, Clear, and Capture in this highly affordable piece of inner-city real estate! ----Read Down for an important addendum---- Not content with only acquiring lucrative military contracts, the Ravens have decided to forge ahead in a different
Ravencraft: Blood upon the hills [Minecraft]
A Minecraft map with plenty to see and no where to hide. Features: MINECRAFT (Yes, you have to jump up every block) Functioning stairs! Dynamic clouds Q: Will this run on a potato? A: I honestly have no idea, I have a med-high end computer and have
COD: Firing Range
Based off of original Black ops map, tried to model the map closest to the original. Textures on some building arent fully loaded because of a export issue in my modeling software. Recommended amount of Bots: 18 - 28
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