S71 Rifle Pack
This is my new Ravenfield mod: The S71 Assault Rifle Pack. Maybe my first Weapon Mod ready for the Workshop. Also massive thanks to chasieboy317 from Free3d for the Weapon Model. This Pack comes with two variants of the S71 Rifle. A normal and a
Flare Gun
Hello, welcome back to another of my weapon mods. I've decided to make something a bit more generic this time, that being a flare gun. The model is based of the Orion brand of flare gun, except this is Ravenfield so it is designed for combat here.
Health On Kill Mutator
Kill an enemy and get health. That simple.
2 Variants with a music button, not much to say about this mod just enjoy!
WWII Kriegsmarine Mini Pack
The Kriegsmarine, the final part of the Wehrmacht, finally completed; at least, somewhat. This is a mini skin pack that only includes three soldiers, though that's more than enough for what you'd really need. The Kriegsmarine was the German Navy, in
The WW2 Collection
A big pack of weapons, equipment and skins from the Second world war for the game Ravenfield. Weapons: German: Kar 98k (Model by Erazer,sounds by Jay and Galahad) Gewehr 43 (Model by Erazer,sounds from Insurgency and Jay) MP40 (Model by
[WW2 Collection] Ross Rifle
Designed in 1910 to correct some of the issues with the Mk II, the Ross MkIII was basically a completely new weapon in most ways, with a different barrel, mostly different bolt and a new single stack external magazine. It was briefly used in WW1
Doomspire Brickbattle
Ported from Roblox Studio -> Modified to texture the spawnpads in Blender -> everything else done in Unity Editor.
Gun Game
Get a better (or worse) weapon every kill. This is a normal gun game mode all of us know, not much to say. You can configure the max amount of weapons from the mutator configuration page.
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