Tactical arms
This is a skin mod especially made for RWP2 weapons, but works with every other mod in the Workshop, this adds a bit of realism but keeps the asthetics of the game. This only affects first person models.
American one-time manual anti-tank grenade launcher M72 LAW for the game Ravenfield. It has been in service with the US Army since 1962 as an individual anti-tank weapon. Includes: M72 M72 BLACK M72 BLACK [MOD2]
Falcon Armoury: Black Mamba .45
Sometimes, all you need is a bit of simplicity. The Black Mamba .45 was a remake of an old weapon, used a century before the Falcon Kingdom even gained it's independance. But with a little upgrade for modern cartridges, the Black Mamba provided
Leman Russ Main Battle Tank
The Leman Russ Main Battle Tank, one of the many backbones of the ground forces of Astra Millitarum. Based on ancient STC technology rediscovered by the Space Wolfs Space Marine Legion on the World of Nova Borilia and Named in honor of their
Koksan Artillery Model 1989
The Koksan Artillery Model 1989 North Korean self-propelled long-range cannon for Ravenfield is the largest self-propelled artillery of the Korean People’s Army. It uses an extended T-54 or 59 chassis. This improved Nazi German artillery "Kanone 18"
Winchester 1895
Winchester's Most Powerful. Browning's Last. Includes: Winchester 1895 - Available in the "Marksman" tab.
[WW2 Collection] M24 grenade pack
An improvement upon the 1915 design used in WW1,the M24 stick hand grenade was the main infantry grenade of the German army in WW2. Many other countries used variants of it, including China, Japan or Spain. It was mainly used in WW2 and the Spanish
[WW2 Collection] Chauchat CSRG
Designed early during the 20th century, the Chauchat-Sutter machine rifle was pushed into service due to France's lack of light machine guns. The weapon had a number of problems, the first being the open sided magazine, which made it relatively easy
PTR - 32
PTR - 32 for Ravenfield - a modern American-made semi-automatic rifle based on the G3 Heckler & Koch combat rifle.
EL-34 Rotary Plasma Cannon
EL-34 Rotary Plasma Cannon from SWTOR. Featured in the Star Cluster’s Nightlife Pack.
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