WW2 Collection-Post Scriptum knockoff
WW2 Collection Weapons: Lee Enfield M1 Garand Kar98k Wz1929 G43 MP40 StG 44 MG34 MG42 Panzerfaust PIAT M24 M24 bundle grenade Mk2 grenade
Locality 3
The third installment to the Locality series! Compared to the other Locality maps, this one is more spread out and terrain-focused. It's very different in gameplay, and could very well be a standalone map. It only belongs to the Locality name
Foxhole Skins
These here are fellers for that one vidya' game called Foxhole, which presents a very interesting system of a persistent war with lots of players going at it, where logistics are just as cool and important as the grunts. There are two factions in
Leopard 2a4 Revolution+ Woodland & Snow Versions
Leopard 2A4 Revolution battle tank with forest and snow camouflage.
C1 Ariete PSO
C1 Ariete PSO for Ravenfield. Driver DM-12 (HEAT) DM-33 (APFSDS) MG3 (COAX) Hitrole RCWS MG3 (250 bullets) Loader Turret MG3 (150 bullets) Commanders periscope 360 view
Carl Gustaf M2
This mod is modeled on a Carl Gustaf M2 which is an equipment of the JGSDF. Carl Gustaf has created a recoilless rifle for infantry walking. It has a long history, dating back to the Pvg m / 42 developed by the Royal Swedish Army Waffenamt. Carl
Leopard 2a4 Revolution+ Desert Version
The MBT Revolution - is a modular upgrade package to the Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks. It was developed by Rheinmetall. This MBT was first revealed in 2010 Armament: Driver: 120MM Cannon "RH-120 L44" with 3 types of shells - DM53 APSFDS, DM12
MIG-21 Vietnam
Let's cause some problem for US air force! This small and light aircraft forced US air force to arm F-4 Phantoms with internal cannons (yeah they did not have that when they first entered the war) not only that...problems that F-4s had against
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